What is the main difference between game and sports

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What is the main difference between game and sports

In the game we follow a set of rules and try to win against an opponent. Game is an activity involving skill, knowledge or luck, whereas sports involves physical exertion and skill in which one person or a team competes against another team. Sports include both mental and physical activities whereas sports mainly involve physical activities.

How can we understand the game

Games are generally played for entertainment and thus can also perform an educational function. The basic components of a game include a set of rules, a goal, and competition, and most games include both mental and physical stimulation. Some games can also be played alone such as solitaire and video games. Some games are played between two individuals or two teams. Games can be available in many forms like-

a. Board Games: Chess, Monopoly and Ludo.

b. Card games: such as poker and bridge.

c. guessing games

d. lawn game

e. video games etc.

     Different games require different skills and talents and also help us to develop practical skills.

What is sports

Sports is typically a competitive physical activity played with physical ability and skill to provide entertainment to participants and spectators, either through casual or organized participation. It also has a set of rules, which ensure fair competition. Various physical activities come under the category of sports like- cricket, baseball, running, cycling, rock climbing, swimming, driving, football, field hockey, race car driving and weightlifting etc. These sports involve teams as well as individual competitors. Sports are usually outdoor activities only.

There is a main difference between game and sports such as

1. Games include both mental and physical activities whereas sports mainly involve physical activities.

2. Chess, Ludo, Solitaire, Tag, Hide-and-seek and Hopscotch are sports while Baseball, Soccer, Running, Cycling, Rock climbing, Rugby and Cricket come under sports.

3. Games are mostly played indoors whereas sports are played outside the house.

4. Games usually involve chance, as in board games and card games, whereas most sports do not involve chance.

5. Sports keep us fit as well as keep us healthy. It also teaches us teamwork and acceptance of defeat. Therefore sports provide all round development to us physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore children are usually encouraged to engage in sports from an early age. Sports is also a major means of entertainment for the spectators. Some sports, such as football, hockey, cricket, attract large crowds to stadiums and directly reach a wider audience through broadcasting.