Which is more secure password or pattern lock on Android phone

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Which is more secure password or pattern lock on Android phone

Our smartphones hold a lot of our personal information and this includes our text messages, emails, notes, apps, app data, music, pictures, and more. And having all these in our phone is a great convenience for us and it is nothing less than a big security risk. The best way to avoid this security risk is to set some kind of lock on our phone so that no one can tamper with our personal information. We have two popular options available for this especially on Android phones, Password and Pattern Lock.


Password is a bit difficult to use as compared to pattern lock as we have to actually type our password. If any unauthorized user knows our password or pattern then no method is completely secure and if no one knows our password, then any unauthorized user will have to keep guessing and if there are more chances, then he has to guess more , which makes it more secure. We may not feel very secure by using the password method. We must use a good password to protect our personal information and only then will we be able to truly use the mathematical advantage over pattern lock. In order to create good passwords, one must keep in mind the articles that we can remember well and one must create a seriously difficult password to break and change it from time to time.

Patterns lock

Pattern lock is quite different. The patterns look quite confusing and complicated, but in reality they are not. We can secure our phone by locking it so that no user can use our phone without our permission. All these features have been made for our benefit only, but many times people have to face difficulties due to this feature. Sometimes the user forgets his password or pattern lock, due to which many times the user has to face difficulties in unlocking the pattern lock and for this, his phone has to be reset or formatted. So we should make an easy pattern which we can remember easily. While making the pattern, it should also be kept in mind that when we are making the pattern on our phone, we do not have anyone present with us. So that our person present on our phone cannot make any wrong use of the information.